Best ever iptv provider

February 29, 2024

I will definitely recommend to friends and family, very superb iptv provider

Lawrence Lenya

Very Great Program

February 29, 2024

Very Great Program Excellent once installed.


Don't understand the low stars

January 30, 2024

Don’t understand the low stars? I use Dream4k now for 4 years without any problem.


Nice Application

January 27, 2024

Easy to setup, some channels work better than others but that’s IPTV in a nutshell

Danny Standen

Great Job!

January 23, 2024

Great Service! Very efficient in replying to queries and an exhaustive list of channels!

Great Job!

Ernest Mercieca

Awsome Service

January 22, 2024

Great Service! All the channels I really watch are now readily available to me…Every household should subscribe!!

Vincent Capito

I Love this Service

January 19, 2024

Love this Service – brings TV to a new Level – Tons of Great Channels – accessibal all over the world! I am really happy with

Alex Schaaf

Great service

January 14, 2024

Almost all channels are working without any buffering as advertised. Football channels work perfectly even during popular times. Definitely worth the price.

Hamza Syed


January 7, 2024

I have been using Dream4k for quiet some time now and am very pleased with it. Very reliable and i have no regret whatsoever.

Olugbenga Odedina

I recommend

January 5, 2024

I recommend an excellent IPTV service. I’ve been a long-time user and can assertively state that it stands among the finest IPTV services currently accessible on the internet.