Method 1

Simply add this extension to you device and enter code buyed from us

Method 2

1- Go to your Enigma2 and get your IP address

Go to Settings/Setup/System Network Device Setup Adapter Settings

And get your IP address it starts with 192.168….

2– Go to your windows PC and download Putty Software

Putty dURLload URL https://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe

3- Open Putty add follow this steps

Add your IP address of your Enigma ( Same IP as step 1 ) Port 23 Connection type Telenet Click on open

en1 2024

4 – Your default login and password are root

en2 2024

5 – Copy your URL line  ( you will get it after you order your subscription )

en3 2024

6 – Use RIGHT CLICK MOUSE BUTTON after you enter your line press ENTER

en4 2024

7– Type reboot and your device will restart

en5 2024

Now you will find IPTV folder, all IPTV channels are inside your IPTV folder